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Representing the Brand - congratulations Kawana White.

2024 will be no different as we continue to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and successes of our members as they


From Richard Rodriguez, Chief FMSS  “ I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate our employees for their contributions to the success of FMSS. It is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of our staff in FMSS, your efforts do not go unnoticed. We appreciate the work you do.  For the month of December 2023, we are shining the spotlight on the following team members and asked them to share a little about themselves” including AIM-IRS Western Region VP Ms Kawana White.

Kawana White - Operations West, Oakland Territory: Kawana began her IRS career in 2008, as an employment tax specialist with Accounts Management in Oakland CA. This year she celebrated her 15-year Service anniversary.  Kawana’s long-term goal from the day she started training and received her first physical security and emergency preparedness presentation, was to be a part of the Physical Security Team. Kawana says, “It has been an honor to work on projects in physical security which her primary responsibility is to protect the employees and assets of the IRS”. She is a member of the Tiger Team, which allows her to meet many great people. 


Kawana is a native of Oakland, CA and has associate degrees in social science, business administration, and ethnic studies. She is currently seeking her bachelor’s degree in emergency management. As an empty nester, her hobbies include taking classes at the community college and being a mentor, while being a part of the community college culture. Kawana loves to travel, create memories, and meet new people. 


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