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Representing the Brand / DC Chapter Camp Graduates!



The AIM-IRS Career Assistance Mentoring Program (affectionately known as CAMP) is an exclusive benefit of AIM-IRS membership and is available to any AIM-IRS member of a participating local AIM-IRS Chapter.  The participating local AIM-IRS Chapter administers and delivers the program to the participants.  The objective of CAMP is to prepare members for career advancement through the use of a mentor. CAMP is a self-help program that is designed to be completed on the protégé’s and mentor’s own time.  The objectives of the program are accomplished by the protégé and mentor working together to complete each monthly activity. They work independently to arrange meetings at least once per month.  The CAMP Objectives are as follows:


(1) Self-Assessment

(2) Self-Awareness

(3) Self-Development

(4) Time Management Skills

(5) Presentation Skills

(6) Shadowing Assignment

(7) Networking Skills

(8) Job Application Writing Skills

(9) Interviewing Skills


After all the objectives have been met, the coordinator certifies to the Committee that each protégé has completed the objectives and a certificate of completion is issued by the Committee. Today I am proud to share the announcement of the graduates of the DC Chapter 2023 CAMP.  Here is what I feel is a preview of some of the future leaders of not just the AIM-IRS organization but of the IRS.


2023 DC Chapter CAMP Graduates (with Mentors)


Abhi Pandey      (Mentor: LaDonna Butts)

Adrienne McManus     ( Mentor: Cynthia Dunn)

Aleskis Brown    (Mentor: Tanya Outland)

Cecilia Amuzu      (Mentor: Marie Ross-Molock)

Keisha F. Matthews      (Mentor: Iris Robinson)

Syleesia Templemon      (Mentor: Teisha Akinpelu)

Theresa Singleton     (Mentor: Donzhella Alford)

Tiffany Crawford     (Mentor: Dawn Vinson)


Please join me in congratulating not only our graduates, but their mentors and the DC Chapter (Paula Mason , Chapter President) as a whole for their coordination of this year’s CAMP. Great job of truly REPRESENTING THE BRAND!!


Sharing the link below to the CAMP Graduation Ceremony held on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. (Internal Access Only)



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