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Representing the brand!

Please join me in congratulating AIM-IRS Newark/Manhattan Chapter President Billy Brown (Mid-Atlantic Region) on his promotion to Revenue Agent Front Line Manager in TEGE (Govt Entities – FSL/ET)  as he continues to move forward and Represent the Brand.   

From Kellie Hua,  Program Manager for Fed State Local/ Employment Tax in Government Entities

“We are pleased to welcome Billy Brown and Oscar Salcido to the FSL management team.  Billy Brown joined FSL in October 2019 from SB/SE as a revenue agent. He joined the IRS in 2009. Prior to joining the IRS, he worked at a mid-size regional accounting firm auditing hedge funds. He is a native of New Jersey where he graduated from Rutgers University with his bachelor’s degree in accounting and master’s in public administration. He earned a Doctorate in Business Administration from Wilmington University. He enjoys his time as an Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickerson University in the MPA/MBA programs. Billy will manage and lead group 7251. His post of duty is Springfield, NJ.”

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