Parting words from JaRita .....

Hello everyone,

First let me start off by saying I missed thanking someone near and dear to me today.....Lynne Martin, Dorothy Baylis started me in AIM, but Lynne is the one that groomed me to step up at the Region level, she saw potential in me and encouraged me to step ot up a little higher. She has been a constant confidant since day one, and although a little hesitant, she accepted the Parliamentarian duties to help me out, so far all of this I am thankful to her.

I received an eCard with congratulatory messages from several people, please share with your Region/Chapters my heartfelt gratitude for all the well wishes.  I have read everyone and am glad I didn't have time to do that during the meeting because it had me teary eyed.

Once again thanks to you all

JaRita S. Johnson - AIM-IRS Immediate Past President

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