Giving back: A story of one IT employee delivering dignity and respect

In her day job, Sherry B. serves as a senior manager in Information Technology/Applications Development/Delivery Management and Quality Assurance at the TX POD.  She’s been with the IRS for over 30 years. 

In her spare time, though, she volunteers and fills various roles at Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano, TX. Minnie’s has provided enough food for 11 million meals in the past 12 years, and they provide one million meals to 60,000 individuals annually. The pantry not only provides nourishing food, but also encouragement and hope.  

Minnie’s prides itself for giving red-carpet treatment to everyone who walks through its doors. At the food pantry, Sherry’s gained a birds-eye view of the havoc the COVID-19 outbreak has inflicted. It’s probably a microcosm of what many communities across the nation are experiencing. “We’ve had a really large increase in the number of clients we are serving,” she said. “The food pantry is the only source of food some of them have.”  

The pantry has extended operating hours to accommodate the increase of those in need. Minnie’s has also changed to a “drive thru” operation only to keep clients and volunteers safe and practice “social distancing.” 

Minnie’s has also partnered with the Plano Independent School District to provide meals to families with children not receiving their breakfast and lunch at school due to the pandemic. “I LOVE to volunteer – it is a blessing to be able to bless others!” says Sherry B.  It’s a family affair too, as her son volunteers whenever he can

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