Detail Opportunities in LB&I

February 12 is the deadline to apply for detail opportunities as GS-0343-13/14 training or program analysts

Encourage qualified LB&I employees to apply by February 12 for GS-0343-13 and GS-0343-14 management and program analyst detail opportunities that support LB&I Learning and Education.

The announcements – OLN-LBI-21006-GS-0343-13-NBU-PBS-HCL and OLN-LBI-21007-GS-0343-14-NBU-PBS-HCL – opened on February 1. These non-bargaining unit detail positions are open for all eligible LB&I employees at grade levels GS-13 and GS-14.

The selected individuals will remain in their posts of duty. No travel is required. The detail opportunities are not to exceed 120 days but may be extended up to three years.

Those interested should visit the LB&I Opportunities page to review qualifications and other key info. The deadline to apply is February 12

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